Welcome to AQEEL LOGISTIC!!!

AQL has always been adhering to the business philosophy of “PEOPLE ORIENTED, SERVE THE CUSTOMERS, PURSUE PERFECTION” and focusing on customer’s satisfaction in order to improve international logistics supply chain management. AQL is committed to integration the logistics resources regional ports / ICDs of Pakistan & has established goods relationship with domestic well-known shipping companies and lots of multimodal, pursuing cooperation & mutual benefits, striving to become the long-term strategic partner of Manufacturers and Traders.


In the fairly challengeable economic year 2011, the hard work of AQL people has kept the overall operation of the company at a high level. This process was so rare and precious!  The current great service platform of AQL is the achievement of the years of hard work of AQL officers and employees. As a services providing company, AQL must move forward with the grateful heart and cooperation with customers to face the upcoming years with courage.


In general, based on robust service platform of the company all the Personnel of AQL will give judicious guidance according to circumstances and maximize favorable factors and minimize unfavorable ones in the challenging of coming year and adopt new ideas and tools in order to speed up the improvements services capability, explore new values of services and strive for higher operating performance.


AQL will continue to provide customers with quality Intermodal Logistics agency service, ensure the continuous growth in its employee’s income, security on welfare and personal developments opportunity. I hereby, express my sincere appreciations to foreign & domestic customers that maintain cooperation and work together with us and the domestic and foreign friends who give us concern and support.


The management and all the employees of AQL will win the customers greatest respect with our services and always walk in the forefront of Freight Logistics Industry.