Organization having proper vision to follow, do have the bright future for them. Same is the motive of founders of AQL to continue with professional approach. AQL has a vision to create a business that is exceptional in customer service and competitiveness. Its service offering linked together with talented management focused on customer’s requirements as the driver of all outcomes. Hence, achieving customer confidence and faith in our services.


Talking into account the core focus of AQL, being a neutral NVOCC Provider to the business community, the following objectives of our strategy to be achieved are:

  • Providing a platform through superior account management and market saturation of all services with AQL.
  • Providing a AQL product that will assist the retention of targeted customers based on a “Value Proposition” offered by doing business with us.
  • To create a business that has the ability to differentiate from its competitors thereby enabling sustainable growth.
  • Capitalize on our combined skills, customer base and industry knowledge so whether the matter is relevant to MAIN LINE OPERATORS, FEEDER OPERATORS or AGENCIES. The prime motive assurance of safe journey of cargo from one end to another.